Tasmania hits the magic half-million

December 2008: Tasmania's population reaches 500,000
Tasmania's population passed the 500,000 milestone as the year 2008 came to a close. By the end of March 2009 it had reached 501,000...[more]

The journey to 500,000
This slide shows the annual and cumulative growth in Tasmania's population since 1902. A decade of zero growth across the 1990s slowed the attempt on the summit...[more]

Population Photograph 1901 and 2007
This slide shows Tasmania's age-sex structure for 1901 (unshaded bars) and 2008. Observe the significant structural ageing of the population....[more]

Births and deaths since 1824
This slide shows Tasmania's births and deaths for every year they have been recorded - thanks to the ABS' historical population statistics collection. Since 1824, Tasmania has welcomed 888,957 babies and mourned 399,360 deaths, to give a cumulative natural increase of 489,237 - ironically almost the same as today's total population...[more]

Natural increase since 1824
This slide shows the net effect of births and deaths since 1824. Natural increase (the difference between the two) is presently very strong, but somewhat short of the '60s baby boom....[more]

Net migration since 1860
Tasmania experiences a high level of population churning as interstate and international migrants come and go. This slide shows net migration since 1860....[more]

Migration components for the past 40 years
This slide disaggregates net interstate and international migration since 1971. It suggests that an international migrant (or his/her new baby) might be Tasmania's 500,000th person!...[more]

Natural increase and net migration; an historical overview
This slide provides an overview of the components of Tasmania's population change since 1901. Natural increase is shown in the pink columns; net migration in the green, and overall net growth by the blue line...[more]

Where to from here?
With 500,000 in the bag, rumours abound that Tasmania's 600,000th person is on his/her way. The Series B projections - usually closest to the mark over the long term - indicate that this is unlikely, with Tasmania's peak population likely to be around 570,000 - baring of course a significant change in federal migration policy....[more]